Ryan Tannehill is One Lucky Guy…(Part 2)

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Ryan Tannehill is One Lucky Guy…(Part 2)

I’m talking again today to Lauren Ufer. If you didn’t read her interview yesterday, you’ll find it here.

Lauren, thanks again for being willing to share with us. Let’s jump right in. Tell me about falling in love with Ryan.

I was 21 when I met Ryan and, weirdly enough, we met in Panama City, Florida on spring break. We went to the same church in College Station and had several friends in common, but we’d never met until we saw each other in Florida. I was immediately attracted, yes, obviously, he’s tall and gorgeous. But we got to know each other and found that we had so much in common. Our first conversations were funny and deep and we both shared that we loved the Lord from the beginning. He became my best friend quickly. It seems like things moved fast, but it was different with Ryan than with anyone else. I just knew he was the one by three months into the relationship.

And now you’re engaged and plan to marry in January. What do you most look forward to about being married to Ryan?

Ryan and I are planning a great wedding in Mexico. We’re really excited. I think the best thing about our relationship is that it is built on God, first and foremost. And then we both love to laugh. I’m able to make him laugh all the time and it’s great because he gets me. I don’t have to explain myself to him.

We also share career goals. We both want to pursue medicine eventually and practice together. And, I think, because I grew up with two brothers, I understand guys. I understand football. I love sports and I’m completely comfortable in Ryan’s world. I may look like a girly girl but I actually love being outside and being active. Our favorite things to do as a couple are to ride bikes, walk our dogs, play Frisbee golf, play tennis and golf, and go swimming.

For all the girls out there who might be getting serious about a guy who doesn’t share their faith or priorities, what would your advice be?

Faith was one of the first issues Ryan and I discussed. It’s that important. I think it is vital in a healthy relationship to share the same views on faith and other major issues for a lot of reasons. If you don’t, and you marry and have a family, real conflict can arise. It makes things difficult on your children. I think bringing up your relationship with God in the very beginning is important because if the guy isn’t on the same page as you, you’ll know. You’ll have that out of the way and you can decide if it’s where you need to be or a waste of time. In my opinion, you date to marry.

Are there any books you and Ryan read as you prepared for engagement and marriage that you’d recommend?

We read Love and Respect and it’s geared towards couples who are already married, but it helped us a lot. It just opened up topics for us to discuss and made it easy. We are also doing pre-marital counseling and we pray together and do Bible studies together.

In what ways do you support Ryan with his dreams and how does he support you?

I pray for Ryan constantly. I send him Bible verses before games, encourage him, help him out with all the little things he doesn’t have time to take care of. We talk about our goals and dreams a lot and we have developed a plan for reaching them.

He supports me and he’s also aware that right now, at this stage in our lives, he needs my support and he appreciates me. He’ll be finished with Aggie football in January and he wants to continue his football career. Once we figure out where we’ll be for his career, I will begin my R.N. training. I’m also hoping to begin a charity that I’m excited about. I’m very passionate about both of these goals and Ryan backs me up and helps me.

When that camera pans and finds you in the crowd at Aggie games, I often wonder what’s going through your mind. It must be an anxious time for you, watching him get knocked around on the field. What’s happening in your heart during those games?

I’m praying the whole time. I pray that he’ll stay healthy and uninjured. I get nervous, but I try to enjoy each game. The Aggie atmosphere is unbelievable and I’m very social so I enjoy seeing friends and being involved.

Are there things you really want people to know about you?

I want people to know that I have a heart for helping others. That I’m looking into mission opportunities that might include opening a Christian home for battered women and their children. I want people to know that the Lord, Ryan, and my family and friends are the most important things to me. And that Ryan shares the same Christian priorities.

Favorite band?

Can’t decide. I love so many kinds of music.

Favorite store?

I love to shop at boutiques. I love the drag in Austin and the Galleria in Houston.

Favorite food?

Sushi and Italian are my favorites. Love them both!

One piece of clothing you can’t do without?

Nike work-out shorts.

What do you do to stay healthy and in shape?

I eat vegetables and fruits a lot. I go to the gym to do weight lifting routines and I recently started boot camp.

Thanks, Lauren! It’s been a joy to get to know you.


Well, guys, are you as impressed as I am?

Lauren is one of those truly beautiful spirits inside and out and with her brains and energy, she’s going to do great things for God’s kingdom. Let’s pray Ryan through a safe and successful Aggie season and pray for this couple as they begin their life together!




  1. I am impressed! She sounds like a sweet young woman. Go panama city beach and the sushi! Laura, another beautiful blog!

  2. Thanks, Sydney!

    • Why of course. :) Only the truth.

  3. Laura, this is a great interview!! I loved it and I love Lauren. She is who she says she is and your blogs show it beautifully.

    • Thanks, Janie. She is awesome and sincere. I really have enjoyed getting to know her. Thanks for reading!

  4. Lauren is my daughter and the most precious person that you can have to bless your life. She was borne a wise and sweet spirit and told me at a young age what she wanted me to pray for, for God to bring her in a man to be her husband and Guess What. He did and his name is Ryan Tannehill.

    • Oh, Nancy! I have really enjoyed getting to know her. You did such an outstanding job! She’s a sweet and wise Christian young woman. She and Ryan will be blessed!

  5. Lauren! It is Hannah Jones from Fayetteville! This is so random…I thought of you for some reason today and googled your name…super weird I know…but anyway…I can’t believe you are engaged!!! That is so exciting! I am glad that you are doing wonderful! You are still beautiful as ever! Miss you girl! Good Luck with everything!

  6. I’ve lived in FL a few years now and my husband is SUPER into sports…I saw the highlight on all the QB’s in the draft and was hoping our FL team got this great young man. Reading this interview with his wife has just cemented it for me….I’m thrilled about our pick and will (more than ever before) be urging my husband (whose been a Giants fan for his entire life) to root for our home team. This young couple seem to embody all that is good in life and in football.

    Thank you for posting this, it has given me renewed purpose.(and hope for our Dolphins this year to boot!)

    • Liz – Thanks for commenting. We adore Ryan and Lauren in Aggieland and so our hearts are all moving with them to Miami! I can tell you that there’s be a huge number of new Dolphins fans from Texas! Fins up… Take care of our Tannehills!



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