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No two writers are alike. No two projects are alike. And while broad categories of editing can be suggested, sometimes a project requires a unique combination of editorial consideration.

I can provide several levels of editing—from proofreading through developmental and everything in between. Contact me to discuss the particular needs of your project.

Initially, I will ask for several pages (or possibly several chapters) of your manuscript to read. I’ll also ask you a few questions by email or by phone so I can best evaluate the scope of your project and the editing that will be required. For example, I’ll want to know your ultimate goals for the manuscript, your intended audience, and your ideas about editing levels.

After I’ve done this review, I will send you a proposal containing my opinion about the level of editing you need and an estimate for my fees and schedule. Some projects can be done using an hourly rate and some will be best managed using a per word rate.

Keep in mind that I’m also available to help you with proposal packages and marketing materials.

I’m looking forward to reading your work!

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Laura is an absolute treat to work with. Not only does she catch all of my grammatical and punctuation errors, but she also gives honest, insightful constructive criticism, which helps my writing become stronger, tighter, truer, and more of what it was always intended to be.

Laura L. Smith

author of the Status Updates and False Reflections series

Having a team of editors to whom I can entrust my writing has been essential in getting my work to stand out. Among a handful of keen-eyed editors to whom I turn, Laura is at the top. Not only is she a pro, she’s also a delight to work with.

Ryan Pemberton

author of Called: My Journey to C. S. Lewis's House and Back Again

Laura Kurk has a keen understanding of story elements, particularly plot structure and characterization. She delivers great advice with kindness and humor, and you can trust her to raise your work to a high level of excellence.

Kathrese McKee

author of the Mardan's Mark series