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young adult fiction by Laura Anderson Kurk

(from Birch House Press, 2013)

Glass Girl is a story of mercy…vast and unending. Delicately powerful.” –Darby Karchut, author of Finn Finnegan and Griffin Rising

When Meg Kavanagh finds herself in the unthinkable role of grieving sister, she discovers some harsh truths–parents aren’t perfect, life’s not always sweet, and the dead don’t write back. Her famous artist mom grieves by slowly disappearing, and her dad copes by moving them to a small town in Wyoming.
What she finds in Wyoming blindsides her.
His name is Henry Whitmire, and he shows Meg that the best things in life–like falling in love and finding mercy–require uncommon courage.
From young adult author Laura Anderson Kurk comes a heartfelt story with bittersweet intensity and emotional storytelling.

(from Birch House Press, 2013)

“Eloquent take on seeing and celebrating beauty.” –Stephanie Morrill, author of The Reinvention of Skylar Hoyt series

Things get messy when Meg Kavanagh gets involved–first with Jo Russell, the eccentric old artist, and then with Quinn O’Neill, the intriguing loner who can’t hide how he feels about Meg. Her senior year isn’t turning out like she planned, but sometimes the best parts of life happen in the in-between moments. He commits to one year in an orphanage that needs him more than he ever dreamed.
Thousands of miles from Meg and the new punk who has fallen for her, and absent from the ranch that’s in his blood, Henry Whitmire finds out what it means to trust. When you’re so far from home, it’s terrifying to realize you’re not who you thought.
But the perfect glass of calamity makes the best mirror.
From young adult author Laura Anderson Kurk comes the sequel to Glass Girl, a lyrical, multi-generational story about love that teaches, loss that haunts, and reunions that feel like redemption.

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