Welcome to Birch House Press (an independent imprint for compelling and unique young adult fiction)!

Birch House Press is an independent publishing imprint based in Texas. BHP works with self-publishing authors with strong platforms and demonstrated marketing success. We band together to market our books and increase traffic, visibility, and sales. As the publishing landscape changes, independent authors are increasingly forming imprint groups like Birch House Press to ensure quality and exposure.

BHP is seeking young adult fiction that haunts the soul long after the book is finished. We cater to readers who are looking for stories that grasp what it means to be young at this exact moment in time. We want to be inspired. We want books that break our hearts, wreck us in the best ways, and make us better human beings. We want books that are shelter for hard times, podiums when we need to speak, and friends when we need them most.

Do you have a story for us?